It is where you see black
Darkness inside

It is where you actually realise you saw brown
A better reflector of light

The window of my soul
Where traces of blood represent humanity

And fear, danger

Long scattered fibres intertwined with each other
A beautiful work of art

A complex being for a relatively simple loving soul

Possessing compassion and passion for when needed the most

The window of my soul

It is where I could shut and nothing, there’s nothing a man can do to get in

And blindly will I walk in happiness’s embrace

It is where you look through to admire the richness of your vicinity
The well laid out streets leading to cities of God

And He made this window the weapon I wear

The most expensive weapon that I couldn’t afford

This window that I speak of is nothing but my eyes
Which refuses to see struggle and hurt

Pain and remorse, anger and hatred

But just the beauty we possess for being conquerors