“Ameera, come sit in this chair and let me recite a poem to you while I style your hair.”

“Look into this mirror and tell me what you see. Tell me what you think of yourself outwardly”

“Mom, *looks down at feet* you know how I feel very insecure and uptight. I can’t be hard on myself tonight”

“Listen to me Princess. Yes you’re a princess Ameera. That’s what your name means and that’s what you are.”

One day, like today, you will stand in another mirror reflecting on this moment.

One day, a tear will drop when you realize how far you’ve gone

One day, I won’t be around to clean that tear and talk you into hapiness

One day, you will breathe into existence the very things that died in you

One day, you will grow into Her Grace. And it’s what you command that’ll be applied

One day, no man can make you less of what you’ve worked hard to become

Her Grace, may you live up to the standards of a your title

Conceive a being inside of your womb to carry out your work when it’s all over

One day, Your Grace, a king will find a Queen in you

For you are beautiful inside and you are like light in the darkness

A small light traveling accords dark souls “Nuwaira”

Light shining in an entire city, lunminous, only as bright ” Munira”

One day, you’ll be rightly guided into your thrown, your grace “Rashida”

And one day, all you do will be well pleasing among and with the people you rule. Your kingdom “Mardiya”

And you’ll live. Live through it all because you are she who lives “Aisha”

One day, your insecurities will escape with the fragrance over your body

One day, you’ll remember I once told you this.