Then last night was a drag
I dosed of in the couch
Drunk from thinking too hard
Dazed from noticing I tried

Then this morning was a drag
Staring up into the emptiness
As I woke with unexplainable fright
Heart beating along with thoughts

And with no desire to wake
Wishing I hadn’t gone this way
Taken a covenant with life
I sorely regret the act

For life hasn’t been faithful
Never promised to stick with me
But somehow I believed
And the worst arrested me

For love wasn’t a guarantee
Never assured me of life
But somewhat I hoped
And the unexpected captured me

Then every night is a drag
Too hard to close my eyes
Even in the darkness I
Envision extra darkness within & out

For every night it’s a shame
How my heart hammers the beats
Never a soothing sound to heal
The broken fragments of my soul

Then the morning was a drag
Woke up to sounds of ghost memories
Lingering on and on