Down east coast
Golden sun beaches
Coconut grooves
Wide spread beach sand
Rock-slimy, water splashing..

Down central-west coast
Beautiful landscape
Forts, castles, rocks
Deep green tropical rain forests
Beach resorts, game parks

Middle belt..central
Evergreen plains
Mineral rich, gold
Historic. Monumental
The African pride

Northwest northeast northsouth
Agro-intensity, food
Common heritage, diaspora
Lands, vast.. Unexploited

Red Gold Green
Women working harder than expected
Children wishing they never lived
Men. Oh men asking for more power
Than they could handle

Red Gold Green
Politically myopic
Hungry beasts asking for votes
Clueless citizens joyfully electing
It all comes down to children suffering

Red Gold Green
Everyone wants fancy
Nobody wants to work for it
Drunk old men
Annoying but insightful

Red Gold Green
School children fed with major ‘rubbish’
Bulky and smelly
Expecting them to digest and utilize all
And to become the masters

Red Gold Green.. Nah black
‘Dumor’ everyday. 25/8
Inflation rate growing like the bear’s tummy
HIPC or almost
Where are we heading to?

Red Gold Green
There’s always hope for tomorrow
Even though it’s never promised
Crossed fingers, praying mouths
All in all

Red Gold Green
We are forever blessed.