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All like fire..

All.. Things.. Fiery

So I let this stay too long inside of me

And my soul keeps accepting it

And my mind formed a strong bond

Like that of crystal ions

So hard and almost impossible

To break long chains of extraterrestrial

That have lived for years, a sheltered struggle

That is comfortable in an uncomfortable skin

Make me go wild on Friday nights

Sober on Sunday mornings and

Angry, no. Furious. On Monday through

So all that run inside of me. The blood and air and food and water

Just symbols. Only symbols of the emotions I live with

Like blood.. So red and angry.. Only seen when cut so deep. DEEP

And air so light.. Gives life, an epitome of my liveliness

And food so delicious.. So sweet but sometimes a terrible tasting package of shit

That’s how it goes when I’m in love and you’re all that I have but..

Oh well.. My little inner voice. Angel. Spirit. What are you?

The water that neutralizes all the fieriness

Living within a simple but elegantly carved out

Body of an Autumn Princess..

Strolling the earth in her miniature likeliness


All things within you and without you are

Like fire in the mountain

Roaring to explode in no time

The volcanic eruption about to course earth’s second bang theorem

And the next war III just cos you’re all in one

And just like you thought…

Baby girl, that love is the answer and love will conquer all

Like that, quick temper of yours which you hoped to escape from the tomb you are

To invite only good vibes..

Just like that, you were wrong.

And it’s not about love, and softness or beauty with grace

Because all that isn’t enough

For the universe to realize the Princess you are

But the strong side, the fierce and rebellious tramp

Who just goes on and on and never stops

No matter what.

That is what matters. To know your struggles to begin with

To get through peacefully without shame and remorse

So I will grow into a QUEEN someday

When the world has no choice but to witness the victory I came with

And rejoice with me

In the name of the Almighty and All- knowing

Stripping my worn out cloak and replacing it with Greek togas

Floral patterns

Gold crown and diamond bracelets

There.. I’ll scream..

I am queen!

Followed by loud exclaims like

“Long live our queen”, ” long live strength” and ” long live Venice”

Cos Venice.. I might live there in the land of illusion someday