eid morning..
Mummy wakes me up to do my chores.
Brother plays me an old V.I.P eid song.
Work and happiness.
Now it's almost time for masjid..
I'm running late, I'm making everyone late.
Make-up, dress, shoes, purse
Oh my gosh we're late.

Children's park is crowded.
We didn't miss the prayer- I am extremely happy.
Photographer approached. "A photo please" I said to mummy.
A shot. Another shot.
We are beautiful.

A few shots on my phone. Kid sis is adorable, mum is pure gold.
A video to capture the atmosphere.
Hearts are happy and blessed.

after eid prayer..
Old friends. Family friends. Everybody looks graceful.
I love eid. You meet up with so many people.
Then.. Mum spots Hajia’s friends.
“Come say hello” mum calls.

We share hugs. Then handshakes.
Then came another.
I didn’t see this coming.
She is in tears. Oh my God.
I can’t stand it. I wanted to look away and stay strong.

But.. She’s still in tears.. She has memories of Hajia.
Like to say go.. Tears started flowing.
These women remind me of Hajia.
I can’t even look at mummy’s face.
We are heartbroken.
Poor little sister, all she cares about is the khebab she is buying.

I love prayer. It keeps me going.
It sounds boring but every year, we gather around and pray for ourselves.
Guess what..
This time she’s not with us.
Last time, we prayed with her..
This time, we pray for her.

Next time I hope the memories are ones we can hold on to and not cry about.
And those to appreciate.. For every coming, there’s a going.
That they are strengths and nobody will ever see our tears for them.

I loved her, we loved her but we never showed her
Maybe that’s why we grief so much
And every mention of her is a painful story.
Rest in peace, I still look in the mirror and see my myself growing into a woman of your kind; your beauty.

you are in a better place where The Lord watches over you. R.I.P.. Rahma on your soul.