She has that smooth, radiant skin..
The perfect lips, when pursed set for destruction
Her eyes..brilliant white, almond shaped. What more can you call perfect?
Long Arabian nose.. My oh my
Such exceptional beauty.
Model body, long legs
Lord have mercy.!!
Full standing breasts, she is nothing less than perfect.
The elegance with which she wears her outfits and carry herself with confidence.. Nah man, you can’t make her feel less than what she really is.
And the way she catches attention and the hearts of all.. Such charisma
You don’t match up to her standard.
Yea.. I said that! Don’t argue. Don’t compare.
Her life is perfect. Well.. It looks so
How can you not make such assumptions?
The beauty queen. The one every girl wished they were.
How I’d love to be a clone of her.. My goodness, my life would’ve been as epic.
Talk about everyone stopping to watch me.. Look with so much surprise and wonder which planet I descended from.
Talk about getting all I want, even from strange people. Finding my way through hardship, but is there anything like hardship for a girl like her?
You know the beautiful ones get the most attention.. Why would I suffer this much for anything?
I don’t match up.. But I have my kind of beauty, my kind of elegance and confidence.
I don’t live that perfect life but I live with a purpose and for a purpose.
I have my best and worst moments but I still live and learn.
I try not to repeat the mistakes in the past, but hard as it is, I still get through the worst.
All that I did, I’ve done, and will do is to be better
To be happy with where I’ve gotten to and appreciate all of the things that made me a stronger woman.
All of those that didn’t make me give up.
I’m not as beautiful but I am beautiful for those that have eyes for me.
She doesn’t even struggle, sure of herself but I panic and get frightened about what is to come.
We are of different levels but my level is the one that gives me peace.
Can you imagine the troubles she has with attention and all? I can’t handle all of that.
so I write this for the women who stay trying, achieving, pressing on.. Even though they’re not as beautiful as society wants them to be.
this is for the women who don’t mind about people calling them “ugly”. They have their own kind of beauty.
and for those that are beautiful. Both physical and internal. They could get it anytime.
this is for the hard workers who don’t wanna be left behind in this fast developing age.. Your kind of beauty is exceptional
So then.. I talked about that goddess you wished you were. The beautiful damsel.. Flawless being.
what I didn’t tell you is the fact that her kind of beauty came with its own issues.
she was a mannequin and that was her imperfection.
Nobody is perfect. You were made an exception, just one kind of you. Be happy with who you are and work harder to achieve your dreams.
peace.. *walks off*