Grace hold you high. May The Lord bless your soul wherever you are taking it to. I hope there is peace like you’ve wanted the most on the journey you’ve chosen. You’ve outgrown me and I understand. You’ve put up with me so much but deep down I still think you could’ve been a bit more patient. You’ve given me reasons to smile and laugh.. Others to be sad and cry but I guess it taught me well.. I guess you’ve come to the end of the road where you promised to take me. May God bless you more with someone you deserve. I guess I served my purpose in your life and the mistakes we made as lovers, you won’t repeat them. Bless your soul my love. Happiness is what you deserve. Go, go to where you’ll find it. Because you don’t deserve suffering, you don’t deserve my misdoings. Farewell my love. You are all I’ll ever love and hope for. Farewell my king.. You taught me how to be a good queen. All the credit goes to you my angel. You saved me from loneliness. With you I had wings, it took me higher than I could ever imagine. With you, I found faith.. It made me realize I could get anything and with you, my life was awesome, you made it awesome. You’ve taught me well my love, my one and only.. But I guess it’s time for you to carry on and find all the peace you wanted.
When you find her, tell her how much of a lucky bitch I said she is. Tell her how much I envy her for losing you to her. Above all, I hope she calls you everyday, texts you every second she misses you. I hope that she strengthens your faith in the almighty and sends you inspirational quotes. I hope she makes you feel like the great king you are. She tells you how much she loves her king and doesn’t wanna lose you. I hope that through it all, you find the patience in you to be calm on her, not to take your anger issues on her. I hope that she remembers you in her prayers like I always did.
finally, my love, I hope you don’t forget how I prepared you for her.

Touching love, I hope you can also relate.